Demo recording

Looking for the perfect Amsterdam studio to create your demo?

The Key Element Studio’s are perfect for recording demo’s. Over the last few years we’ve combined our experience into a highly effective formula which gives you the maximum bang for your buck. Our DEMO PACK gives you 12 hours of studio time (full day including an engineer for a very affordable fixed price of € 350,- So no financial surprises and the best quality for your demo.

That means:

– Great location and hip atmosphere of the Da-Vinci creative spaces
– Two free parking spots.
– Giant (45 m2) live room
– 8 Hours of studio time with full setup (i.e. band)
– 4 hours of overdubs planned flexibly within two weeks.
– Isolated control room (18 m2)
– Coffee bar with best coffee in Amsterdam!
– Professional sound engineer and Gear.


– Daan Herweg’s personal Yamaha C5 grand piano € 25,- (Tuning for the day (optional) € 85,-)
– Fender Rhodes Mark I € 15,-
– Extra booth € 50,- (in case you’d like to, for example, isolate your vocals)

Terms and conditions

-Use your 4 hours of overdubs within two weeks of initial recording date.