Live Room:

-Fender Rhodes Mark 1
-Raggety Old Hammond E312
-Grand Piano Yamaha C5
-Vintage Leslie.
-Fender Twin Reverb Silverface 60’s
-Fender Bandmaster Reverb 69
-King Korg
-Novation KS-5
-Korg Trinity
-Nice Old Seiler Upright
-Tama Swingstar Drumkit
-Gretsch Catalina Club Jazzkit
-Gretsch Rock Kit
-PA System
-Gallien Krueger Bass Amp


Toft ATB32 32 channel analog console

Apogee Symphony 32 channel analog in & out

Adam A7x
Yamaha NS10 with PC1002 amplifier
NewOldSound McOne monitor controller
Furman HDS-6 with 8x HR-6 personal mixers
Beyerdynamic & Sennheiser headphones

32x Toft ATB preamp
6x CAPI VP26 preamp
2x NewOldSound MOne discrete preamp
2x Warm Audio WA-12 preamp
1x Focusrite Isa One preamp
10x RFZ v781

32x Toft ATB parametric EQ
1x Art Pro VLA II stereo tube compressor
2x DBX 163 compressor
1x DBX 263 de-esser

Lexicon MPX100
Boss RE-201 Space Echo pedal
2x Lem Echo Chamber tape echo
1x 8track tape echo

Lots of Waves bundles
Soundtoys 5
UAD Satellite with multiple plugins
SSL Duende plugins
And much more…

Ribbon mics
2x Coles 4038
2x B&O BM6 (Royer 121 predecessor)
1x B&O BM5 NOS Stereo
2x NoHypeAudio LRM-1
1x Electro Harmonix EH-R1

Dynamic mics
1x AKG D12e
1x ElectroVoice RE20
1x ElectroVoice Raven
1x Sennheiser MD421
4x Sennheiser BF541
1x Shure SM7b
1x Shure SH55
3x Shure SM58
1x Shure SM57
8x Beyerdynamic M640N
1x Sontronics Halo

1x Neumann TLM103
3x AKG C451 / CK5 capsule
1x MBHO 600 modular
2x Oktava Mk012
1x SE Electronics SeX1
2x SE Electronics SE3
1x AKG P220
1x MXL990


2x orchid DI
1x orchid mini stereo DI
1x orchid reamp box
1x Radial PCI stereo Di

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