Album recording

Looking for the perfect Amsterdam studio to create your album?

Recording a full album is not something you usually do in a day. You need time, space and above all: the right vibe to unlock your creativity. Often the time pressure and lack of proper technical resources can be a big annoyance when creating and album. You want to feel comfortable you have plenty of time and no unforeseen technical problems can ruin your sessions. KEM can offer you just that.

Over the last few years we’ve combined our experience into a highly effective formula which provides everything you need to record a successful album.

For a fixed price of € 2750,- you have a comfortable 10 days (80 hours) of studio time with one of our celebrated studio engineers. In our experience it’s the perfect amount of time, tools and environment to record your album. For instance; u can do full band recording a few days, dubbing and editing the remaining days.

The Key Element Studio’s are a fun place with creativity is in the air. For a fixed price You’ll enjoy:

– Great location and cool vibe of the Da-Vinci creative spaces.
– Professional sound engineer + gear.
– Two parking spots. (biking is healthy though)
– Flexibility in planning.
– Giant (45 m2) live room with great acoustics.
– Isolated control room (18 m2)
– Unlimited freshly ground coffee (keep it healthy though..)
– ‘On the fly’ stereo mixes of your tunes.
– When you have days or hours left you can use those as mixing and editing days with one of our engineers.


– Spacious extra booth € 50 per day (in case you’d like to, for example, isolate your vocals)
– Daan Herweg’s Yamaha C5 grand piano € 20 per day,- (Tuning € 85,-)
– Rhodes Mark I € 10 per day,-
– Night sessions? € 10 an hour extra. (We are talking serious after hours here after 22:00. Not just a bit of overtime thats on us)
– Assistent engineer € 15 an hour.

What is ‘a day’

A day for us at KEM is 8 hours. But it’s also from when you start (early morning or afternoon) untill that moment where ideas and creativity dry up and we all get tired, all within reason and common sense.

Terms and conditions.

-We ask you to use your 80 hours within 6 months after we reach agreement.
-You either pay 50% up front and 50% after or everything up front.
-On the fly’ editing and mixing can work well for acoustic bands but it does not substitute a real professional mix job, especially when your project is more complex.
-When you choose to use your remaining hours for mixing and or editing it does not mean we guarantee a full mix. You might need some extra hours.